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Gary Tarbert
17-Oct-2007, 05:26
Hi guys, I am interested in this lens as i have a Art panorama back and i do not want to put my 90 in a reccessed board if i can help it ,
Another advantage is it will not require bag bellows on 5x4 ,any comments on this lens or alternitives would be appriciated .cheers Gary

17-Oct-2007, 05:31
The F/8 SW will over cover 5x7 and is often cheap since everybody wants a 90mm. If you are only going to use it for rollfilm other modern choices might be the Nikon.

Joseph O'Neil
17-Oct-2007, 05:37
I had one of these lenses and recently sold it. I liked it very much, but later replaced with a 90mm, F8.

Now I should point out I was using the smaller CMW version, which is F5.6, and I assume the one you are talking about. Fujinon also has a F8 version which is a totally different lens.

Why I liked it is my primary camera used to be a Super Speed Graphic and before that a crown Graphic. On these cameras, a small 90mm lens like the Angulon is allows very little room for focusing or movements on these cameras.

With the Fujinon 105mm, the plane of focus was out far enough that I had room for movement, physically speaking. The circle of coverage is enough for some movements - more than enough on on a Graphic camera. Also in regard to a recessed lens board, I never needed one on any of my Graphic cameras.

When I bought my Tachihara, I found i had more room for movements than on a Crown or Speed Graphic so I went for a 90mm, which had a larger circle of coverage. I never ran out of coverage with my 105 on my Graphic press cameras, but i did on my Tachihara.

I do not know of any other 105mm, F5.6 version, lens that covers 4x5 (I stand to be corrected). As far as sharpness goes, I would recommend Fujinon lenses as a general rule, and my 105 was very sharp.

So as long as you are aware of the limited circle of coverage - that is, it will cover 4x5 no problem, but definately not 5x7, then you should fine.

For anyone using a "press" camera, that is a Crown, Speed or Super Speed Graphic camera, I would highly recommend the Fujinon 105mm as an alternative to a 90mm lens.


22-Oct-2007, 14:21
I own this lens, it is one of the best kept secrets, incredibly sharp out to corners on 4x5. Not much room for movements though because of limited coverage but since I usually use rear tilt I can always use the sweetest area of this lens' coverage. Great color, lightweight, incredible sharpness. Can't go wrong if you have rear tilt.