View Full Version : A rough idea on cost?

16-Oct-2007, 21:56
A friend has loaned me a a Protarlinse set [350 and 480mm] in a sought of working compound shutter with MM aperture scale opens recorded from which you calculate the F stop for the lens combination in use.
The glass is in very nice condition. I'm interested in buying the lens from him if he is interested in selling but really have no ide on the realistic cost of such a lens. I want to offer him a fair price -- if I can afford it.

Does anyone have any idea what such a lens would be worth? Ole identified the cells from 1928. My only concern is the erratic behaviour of the shutter.


Ernest Purdum
17-Oct-2007, 10:01
The problem is that these don't sell often enough to establish a price.

Regarding your shutter, you may find that waiting a bit after cocking may result in more consistent timing. If not, a CLA will probably be all that is needed.