View Full Version : How to mount a 210 Hexanon GRII on a shutter ?

16-Oct-2007, 16:36
is it possible to do it ? i'd like to be able to use it on a toyo 810M...

Colin Graham
16-Oct-2007, 16:56
They fit best to an #3 alphax shutter if I remember right. Give Tim at lensn2shutter.com (http://lensn2shutter.com/contactus.html) an email.

Dan Fromm
17-Oct-2007, 02:51
Steve Grimes made a cup-shaped adapter to hold my 210 GRII in front of a #1. Works fine on 2x3, would vignette on 8x10. The bigger the shutter the better, to avoid vignetting. Without looking up and doing the quick calculation to see if it would work, if I were you I'd aim for a #5. #5 Betaxes aren't that expensive.

17-Oct-2007, 09:32
#5 Betaxes... so, maybe i should use a copal sinar in front of the toyo ?