View Full Version : Lens flange ID - (75mm x 1mm thread?)

16-Oct-2007, 00:15
I have an extra lens flange that came with an e-bay purchase and I'm trying to figure out what it fits. It's on a kodak 2-D lensboard. To the best of my ability to measure it, the opening is 75mm wide and the thread is 1mm from ridge to ridge (would that be M75 x 1?). I don't have a calipers or anything, just a measure tape, so assume some error. This is pretty damned close though, if not exact.

16-Oct-2007, 00:34
The seller recently sold a couple of lenses in Betax #4s. Could it be from this?

Jon Wilson
19-Oct-2007, 20:20
My measurement of the betax 4 flange has an interior diameter of 62.5mm and the outside diameter of 89mm. My No. 4 Acme (Illex) flange has an interior diameter of 62.7mm. My compound #4 flange is 75.7mm. If your flange does fit a compound #4 shutter and you wish to part with it, please let me know your price etc. Thanks. Jon

Jon Wilson
19-Oct-2007, 20:24
Oops, the Betax 4 flange is 65.2mm