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Erich Hoeber
14-Oct-2007, 14:33
So I just bought a box of 100 4x5 sheets of Arista EDU Ultra 200 (foma) from freestyle. I was loading up some film holders to make tests, but the $&%# film is too big to fit in the holders (without buckling.) It's about a millimeter and a half too wide and a millimeter too long. Is this just a manufacturing defect? Or did they put some metric sized film in a box labeled 4x5? Actually, the film DOES measure 4x5" or pretty close.

Has anyone run into this?


PS. Emulsion number 007145-02, Expires 2008-08

Erich Hoeber
14-Oct-2007, 14:49
Ahh... sorry. It looks like this is a regular thing with Foma:


14-Oct-2007, 16:14
I had the same problem with EFKE 25 film. I bought a new box and the film fits.... but just barely.

Gene McCluney
14-Oct-2007, 17:22
I have used several hundred sheets of Freestyle (Foma) 200. in 5x7, and they have all fit satisfactorily in my holders.

Scott Davis
15-Oct-2007, 07:00
Ditto what Gene said. It is my film-to-go-to for 5x7. If anything, some of my older Lisco and Fidelity plastic holders are a bit loose on it. It isn't a Foma issue though, because they're just as loose on my Ilford FP4.

Erich Hoeber
17-Oct-2007, 19:47
Thanks Gene & Scott for your reports.

I called Freestyle and they said they'd had this problem before, but not in a while. Happily, they promptly replaced the defective film.