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Joseph O'Neil
14-Oct-2007, 10:44
Hi everyone;
s as I brought my 16 year old son,a nd he spent the afternoon with my old crown graphic Hopfully over the next couple of weeks people who attended will post some of their pcis in this thread. Anyhow, it all worked out good.

There was a total of 9 LF cameras present, 7 4x5s, 2 8x10s, all field cameras except for one 4x5 monorail. We also had one person who drove tow hours, interested in LF< and brought his MF Bronica, so all were welcome. I am "cheating" a bit on the number as I brought my 16 year old son and he spent the afternoon with my old Crown Graphic with a n old Ilex tessar, and another attendee brought a 4x5 in addition to his 8x10. Also the group shot below is shy about three people the lakeas the major 401 highway was slowed down due to trffic accidents and construction, so people came late.

The weather was totally amazing - very dry, cool but not cold, and clouds over the lake but not inland. About the only disappoiontment was lack of colour in the trees,as usually by this time of year they are in "full bloom" so to speak.

the reception of the general public caught me off guard but was quite a pleasant suprize. I did not knwo this, but it happened to be "Doors Open" weekend, and i ran into at least 4 different people who seemed to assume that the large format cameras around town were all part of the events that weekend. I think this was compunded by the fact there were other photographers there on thier own, totally unaware of our LF gahtering, who came down to shoot around town. For example I ran into one guy with a very nice digital SLR and a very, very nice carbon fibre tripod, so were were far form alone walking around town with cameras.

I think the best repsonse i got was form one young girl - maybe ten years old, who wanted a look through my 4x5, so I let her, and she was quite happy, responding "yeah, you guys are all over town today, i wanted to see what it looked like."

So I'll be down to the darkroom tonight developing film, we'll see who else has some images from teh shoot to put up.

I think the one thing I would change is after a time like this, you need a quasi formal "sit down and chew the fat" session, be it an organized dinner at a retuarant or whatever. Live and learn, next time


15-Oct-2007, 07:03
Nice report. :) I was unable to make the trip down, but maybe next time.