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14-Oct-2007, 05:52
hi everyone,
we will be in SLC, craters of the moon, ID falls, the tetons and yellowstone starting oct 16th to nov 2nd.
i have shipped my 8x10 already. i have a 12 in wolly and a 14 3/4 in caltar (and a 180mm that is going for sure). i have 5x7 and 4x5 reducing backs as well. would you all bring the 12 and 14 3/4in lenses? are they too close in FL? i was also thinking about the reducing backs, with the 4x5 the crops are 24 and 30in. we will be going by car so weight is no problem. i will be shooting B&W, C41, and E6.
FWIW we are also bringing an RB, nikon 135, and a pinhole camera. should be a great trip!


Steve Hamley
14-Oct-2007, 06:11
Going by car? Take 'em both.


14-Oct-2007, 06:16
Going by car? Take 'em both.


har har har!
i just wonder if i will use them both. the car will be well packed with camera gear, tents, sleeping bags, food, BEER, etc etc....now i know that another lens could be squeezed in easily......i kind of used that logic for the RB, nikon, and pinhole cameras.
OH! and lets not forget the film...it never seems like enough. LOL


John Kasaian
14-Oct-2007, 07:14
FWIW, I'd take both along if only as a back up. It sounds like a great trp so why risk the possibility of being put out of action if your shutter goes balky or a marmot makes off with your wolly? Jackson Hole is a neat town, but not noted for LF camera gear shops ;)

Donald Miller
14-Oct-2007, 07:30
Be prepared for snow in the higher elevations. I just came back from Yellowstone and the region about two weeks ago. I found myself shooting long lenses more often than short lenses (wishing at times for still longer lens than I had with me). I shot color more often than black and white. Watch out for the photographer's conventions at each and every turn where wildlife appears.

Walter Calahan
14-Oct-2007, 09:01
If you have room for beer then you have room for all your lenses!

Take them all.

I use to live an hour's drive from Yellowstone. Nothing worse than not taking something that 'surprise' will tell you you need.

Jon Wilson
14-Oct-2007, 10:40
If you plan on going to Yellowstone and the Tetons this Fall, the snows have already fallen at the higher elevations. It will be below freezing at nite in the mountains. I preferred the longer lens (240mm through 300mm) when I took my 4x5 to Yellowstone last summer. Enjoy your trip....it sounds like it will be fun. Jon

14-Oct-2007, 12:07
Have you checked with park headquarters to find out which roads are open? What services are available inside Yellowstone?

I don't have a map in front of me, but there are state roads in Idaho running north-south close to the Wyoming border & the Tetons. It's a great off the beaten path area. In rough terms, Victor, ID is on the south end and Mack's Inn, ID is on the north end of the area I remember from a bicycle trip many moons ago. If you are anywhere near Idaho Hot Springs State Park and it's open, by all means pay a visit. Little or nothing photogenic there, but an afternoon soaking the springs will make a new person out of you. There was a commercial campground nearby. Logan Canyon & Bear Lake in Utah are interesting and overlooked.

Have a great trip! Good luck!

14-Oct-2007, 15:31
thanks everyone. we are prepared for snow. we used all our hotel money for film:) :) :)! we will be camping. i sure hope my wife's new "zero" degree bag is warm.

i will take all the lenses. heck, the 12" is already at the SLC main PO with the 8x10 just waitiung for me to pick it up! amazingly most all my "stuff" is camera related.

it should be great. we will hiot the oakley city of rocks, the gooding city of rocks and will be staying at my aunt's cabin in fairfield Id. the best part of the cabin is the 4 wheelers! we will be able to "pack" all kinds of LF gear way into the mountains for some awesome photography.

as long as the snow does not close any passes or roads we are goood fro the tetons and yellowstone. the roads close on the 2nd or 3rd. perfect timing for me!

Jon Wilson
14-Oct-2007, 16:21
If you are staying in Fairfield, you might have time to go through Ketchum/Sun Valley over Galena Summit to Stanley, ID. Beautiful Sawtooth Mountain Range. Enjoy and keep warm ;)

14-Oct-2007, 16:51
Many campgrounds in Yellowstone are already closed.