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Fred Braakman
13-Oct-2007, 10:43
I have been using the Kokin filters and holders for my 4x5 lenses, but since I recently damaged several of my filters, I need to re-purchase new filters. Kokin filters are not available right now, here in Alberta, as far as I know. Camera shops can't get them in, and they are mostly concerned with digital products now.

What other options are avilable for me? I would probably need new rings for each size of lens, as well as the holder itself, and new filters. The Kokin filters are 3.25" x 3.25" in dimension. The filters required for my lenses are 49mm, 52 mm, 67 mm, and 82 mm.

And where to purchase?



Robert A. Zeichner
13-Oct-2007, 11:00
Fred, If you are currently using effects filters or grads, you may have to consider something from Lee or Formatt and get a new system with adapter rings. If you need only solid colored filters for contrast control in B&W or color correction, then screw-in filters will work for you. Step-up rings are available so you wouldn't need to buy each filter in several sizes, although an 82mm adapted down to 49mm may require a couple of rings. The other option is series or drop-in filters. These come in sizes that fit filter adapter rings of the screw-in or push-on type. Yet another option is to tell us what you need to replace. Many of us (me included) regularly attend local used camera shows at which it is not uncommon to find an abundance of used or new old stock filters. I'm going to such a show tomorrow!

13-Oct-2007, 21:00
Singh-Ray makes ND, Grad and Polarizer filters for the Cokin holders, and these are MUCH better than the Cokin-made filters. By the size of your filters, you have a P holder, which is the most common.