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Scott --
13-Oct-2007, 10:36
Hi, all-

I'm working on a Wollensak 159/9.5 lens right now. There's a ton of grime between the elements. On the front, I was able to remove the retaining ring, tap the housing ag'in my hand for a while, and the rear element popped out, allowing me to clean between the two. The rear is assembled identically:

However, the element that should pop free just barely moves.

How'm I to remove this rear glass? It's got to come out - there's too much scum between the elements to use the lens.



Tony Lakin
13-Oct-2007, 11:18
How about a rubber sucker???:D

Gene McCluney
13-Oct-2007, 11:22
You can take a piece of adhesive tape, such as duct tape or masking tape and touch it to the center of the element and use it to "pull" the element out. You can also use a purpose-built suction bulb (which is what I use). All lens service items are available from a company called Micro Tools. You can google them.

Scott --
13-Oct-2007, 11:24
Thanks, guys. I'll see if I have a rubber sucker lying around; elsenhow, duct tape it is.