View Full Version : need location help Carolinas

12-Oct-2007, 18:21
I am planning some shoots next year in the North/South Carolina area, I need ruins, places that are gothic yet not a tourist trap. For example like the Biggins Church ruins but more west and towards North Carolina or even in North Carolina.

Anyone have any ideas ? Even old ruined farm houses or homesteads that are publically accessable, perhaps on public lands, out of the way ?

Gary Beasley
13-Oct-2007, 20:34
The Ruins of the Prince William's Parish Church

14-Oct-2007, 07:03
Thanks Gary, I am considering Shelden and Biggins.

Kevin M Bourque
14-Oct-2007, 13:56
Sheldon is a great place....been there a number of times. If you have a chance, go on a weekday. there's often weddings and rehearsals there on the weekends.

Kevin M Bourque
14-Oct-2007, 13:58
Also consider magnolia Cemetery in Charleston. Large, old and seldom visited. It dates back to the 1850's.