View Full Version : 58mm Rodenstock flange to film distance

Mark Cieslikowski
27-Oct-2000, 07:03
I am looking for the flange to film distance for a 58mm Rodenstock. Thanks for the help! Mark Cieslikowski

Dominique Cesari
29-Oct-2000, 06:57
I amn't aware of a 58 mm Rodenstock. I don't know the flange to film distance of the 55 mm. For the 58 mm XL Schneider, it's 69 mm.

Jeffrey Goggin
31-Oct-2000, 20:31
I have one ... a 58mm/f5.6 Grandagon, as originally used on a Graflex XL and since modified (focus mount removed) for use on a view camera. Although it isn't coated and won't quite cover 4x5, it works great on my 2x3 Galvin and Toyo 23G so long as you use a recessed board...

Michael Lim
29-Nov-2000, 21:00
Does anyone else have any information on this lens? Age, circle of coverage, anecdotal info about use, etc? Is there a version made for 4x5 with movements?