View Full Version : Electric shutter solenoid

Edward Schrock
26-Jul-2000, 23:30
I recently aquired a Kodak Ektar 127 mm lens for 4 X 5. It came on a lens board w/ a small solenoid to trip the shutter.It's a cute little thing, about an inch long, cylindrical, chromed, with power posts extending from the side of it. Can someone tell me what voltage it is? (I was able to activate it with a 9 volt battery but not a penlight and I certai nly don't wish to burn it out.) What is the usual power source and how many trip s will I get on one power source? Thanks

Tony Brent
27-Jul-2000, 00:51
The Graflex and other flash (bulb) handles had either two or three D Cells to fire both the solenoid and the flash bulb. It does take a few more amps than a 9 volt has to pull the solenoid in firmly and reliably enough to trigger the shutter with the proper delay.