View Full Version : Condit Manufacturing?

Mike Kravit
26-Jul-2000, 22:53
Does anyone have the phone number or address for Condit manufacturing. I believe they are somewhere in CT. They make pin registration punches and systems.


Jeff White
27-Jul-2000, 00:37
Their phone number is (203) 426-4119 but you better hurry. I have just received a postcard from them saying that they are closing at the end of August.

27-Jul-2000, 16:04
that's frightening... Jeff is there another company that specializes in registration equip?

Jeff White
27-Jul-2000, 22:27
I am not aware of anyone that specializes in this kind of equipment for general photography use. I have their contact printing frame and and pin registration system. Seemed expensive at the time although the quality is excellent, now I am glad that have it.

Mike Kravit
28-Jul-2000, 21:10
Thanks all, I called Condit and they are sending me a 35mm-8x10 punch. I also ordered the registration pins/bar for all film sizes from 35-8x10 as well.

Thanks again.