View Full Version : Wephota film & paper - anyone ?

Matus Kalisky
9-Oct-2007, 07:31
Hi all,

just recetly when searching for some cheaper slow film in 4x5 (I got one shutter less lens recently :) ) I came across the wephota film (and paper) by www.wephota.de.

They have next to none information about the film or paper itself, so I was wondering - before contacting them directly - whether any of you has experience with their products? I do not even know wheter these are their prodictes or re-branded ones. Some of them are supposed to be EFKE or FOMAPAN but the description in their pricelist: http://www.wephota.de/down/wephota/wepr.pdf for sheet films is missing.

And - important - if you have used any of the products they offer - what was your experience.


9-Oct-2007, 08:27
I'm pretty happy with it - no complaints. These are NP22 (whole plate) and NP15 (5x7) most likely developed in Rodinal.