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9-Oct-2007, 04:12
Hi Folks,

Quick question. There's a deal on at Robert White in the UK, 3 boxes for the price of 2. The data sheet on this film says to keep refrigerated for shot-medium term, or freeze for long-term storage.

As I do not have that much room in my fridge, am I going to see any detrimental effect if I buy now, and use for a trip next February, i.e. 4 months at room temperature?

Thanks in anticipation



9-Oct-2007, 04:30
As for seeing any detrimental effect, it depends how critical you are and the only way to find out is to do a storage test - leave some outside the fridge in normal room conditions, some in the fridge and some in the freezer. After x months, expose the same shot with a sheet from all three options and see if you can tell...

That's the pedantic way of doing it - I tend not to bother cold storing film (fridge or freezer) and haven't noticed anything untoward but I'm in the UK and temperatures never get that warm. If you were in the tropics then it might be a different story. As long as you don't leave it in direct sun, it should be OK. A cupboard or darkroom is great for storage.

You could also see the Fuji website or their storage information...

PS I'm assuming the film is in date - if it's a lot out of date then it might be a prudent to keep it cooler if you're not using it for another 4/5 months...

9-Oct-2007, 05:15
Thanks for the response. Film is fresh. Just wanted to check opinions.


Gary Tarbert
9-Oct-2007, 05:24
Hi Steve , Would depend on where you live here i Australia i don't know if i would take the risk January & febuary would be our 2 hottest months,
I shot some velvia 50 last week dated 2004-3 allways in fridge no problems.
The dates manufactures give are very conservitive.
I have this theory that the proccess dates are shortened once there is a latent image on the film compared to completely unexsposed and manufacturers allow for this, some
more techno minded people might be able to tell us whether there is any factual evidence to this theory ,(i do base it on some trials of ood films) but i can give no valid reasons for my findings other than the trannys with 2 yr OOD film (with latent image for 14mths) was a problem where as the above mentioned film over 3yrs OOD was proccessed the same day as shot with no problem.cheers Gary

Dirk Rösler
11-Oct-2007, 00:01
Don't worry about it. Better think about your trip and the photographs you want to take.