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8-Oct-2007, 17:50
Hello all,

I've been involved in photography since the early 1970's but come from a varied fine arts background. Having majored in photograhy in college, I worked commercially for many years but have now tapered off and am more of a General Practitioner Artist in a variety of mediums.

Over the years, I've used a variety of formats, but it was mainly 4x5 (and occasionally 8x10) for architecture and tabletop and 35mm. I loved doing my own B&W printing and the push/pull Omega D2 is my favourite. I've rebuilt and built from parts a number of them and still admire them for their functional simplicity. As far as enlargers are concerned, my progression was backwards...maybe it should be regression :)? It went from reflex Dursts to Beselers to Omega DV's to what might be the farm tractor of large format enlargers, the venerable D2.

Many 4x5 cameras have passed through my hands, but the one I still hang on to is a Sinar 45F for it's light weight and versatility with both sheet and roll film. The camera I've really got a crush on is the Crown Graphic though and am still kicking myself for letting go of my last, albeit many years ago.

I've been reading this forum for a few years, but have finally signed up and hope to be less of a bystander.

MIke Sherck
8-Oct-2007, 19:36
Welcome to the group, chy! In the old Lenswork magazine, before he stopped taking advertisements, my favorite was always in the back, "Helios -- General Utility Artist".

Addictive, isn't it? These large beasts get into your blood somehow.


Ralph Barker
9-Oct-2007, 06:12
Welcome, Chy.