View Full Version : Developing Time For Acros In Xtol 1:3@68F?

8-Oct-2007, 10:02
Hi all,

What's a good starting time for developing 120 and 4x5 Fuji Acros in Xtol 1:3 @ 68F?

The DigitalTruth tables show 14 minutes for 135 but are blank for 120 and 4x5? Any experience with these two films in Xtol 1:3??



8-Oct-2007, 10:19
The data sheet (http://www.fujifilm.co.uk/film/films/pdfs/acros1.pdf) from the Fuji website suggests that the times are identical for 35mm and 120 films. No mention of 4x5 though.

10-Oct-2007, 07:12
Thanks Steph.

I processed 120 Acros Monday night for 14-minutes with slow (2-sec) agitation for 5-sec every 30 sec and the negatives are knock-outs. Fuji recommends 5 sec agitation every minute instead of every 30 seconds so I am going to try that tonight.