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8-Oct-2007, 08:29
I am looking for some insight into Jobo processor. I will be developing 4X5 Tri-x or
similar film. I would be developing from 10 to 20 sheets per week. Not looking to use
this for prints as I would scan the negs. and then on to photoshop. Any help or comments would be appreciated.


8-Oct-2007, 09:32
I don’t process near that amount (around 100 sheets of 5x7 per year) and I wouldn’t want to do without it. The only issues I have are related to the low volume of negatives I process. I usually wait until I have 20 to 30 to process, and even then, with normal, minus and plus development, I end up with 4 or 5 in the 6 cylinder tube.

I tray processed for about 15 years with good success but with the Jobo, I have never had a problem.


11-Oct-2007, 10:16
I can't remember when I bought my Jobo CPP2, probably around 1984. From my experience with various methods, including replenished dip & dunk, Yankee daylight tanks, tray processing and the Jobo, I have to say that NOTHING works as good as the Jobo for sheet film. Consistency and evenness of development are without match. I shot lots of products against smooth backgrounds and found that setup to be the most difficult to achieve even gradations of tone in the background with 4x5 film. Never had a problem with that after getting the Jobo. It can process just about any kind of film except Kodachrome. I got amazing results with Ektachrome, C41 negatives and a host of black and white films. I even processed 20x24 fiber based B&W prints in the big Jobo drum, then finished washing them outside the drum.

I dread the day that this thing dies for good.