View Full Version : Any Brass Dogs????

8-Oct-2007, 00:29
I realise that is a very subjective question to ask but recently I was unfortunately loaned a Dallmeyer #4 of about 190mm. I say unfortunaley because the lens is not mine and the images are wonderful. :)

In your collections do you have any really poor quality brassies. Are there any makers or particular lenses that are just door stop material?

Walter Calahan
8-Oct-2007, 04:20
Door stops are in the eye of the beholder. Some times bad is really, really 'good.'

It's all about personal vision, and testing material to confirm that a lens or a camera or a film or a process works with your vision.

Beware of 'Brass Monkeys.' Grin.

8-Oct-2007, 07:41
The only real doorstopper for me is haze.... I hate what it does to images.

8-Oct-2007, 07:56
Door stops are in the eye of the beholder. Some times bad is really, really 'good.'

Yeah...you should see my 24cm Heliar brass door stops. Knowing visitors gawp in amazement when they see them lined up holding the door and wonder what on earth I'm using on my cameras then ;P

The worse brass lenses I've ever had are the ones that have been recemented (badly) and had swatched rear elements, or missing elements. For contact prints, just about every thing works. Even a pinhole. Actually, the worse brass lenses I've ever owned are the ultra large aviation type aero-monster size lenses which cost a fortune, have no realistic hope of ever mounting on a Packard shutter less than 20x24 inches, and give considerable rise to slipped disc injuries when moving onto the lensboard.

Jim Galli
8-Oct-2007, 12:32
Never never borrow a Voigtlander or a Cooke.