View Full Version : Focusing magifyer/loop

25-Jul-2000, 22:09
I currently have two different focusing loops that I use on my 4X5 view camera ( Toyo 4X & Eschenbach 8X). I have recently gotten a Acculight light table and I'm using the same two loops to view transparencies on this light table. What I hav e noticed is all transparencies are very slightly soft when the loop is placed o n top of the transparency. When I raise the loop up off the transparency approxi mately 1/16" for the Eschenbach and 1/8" for the Toyo, images are tack sharp. Wh at's going on? Do I need to purchase a special loop for viewing transparencies o n a light table? Thanks!

26-Jul-2000, 03:23
They must have focusing helicals. They appear to be adjusted for reading the opposite side of a groundglass (which is correct for focusing - although they should both be "off" by the same distance on the transparancies if they're both adjusted correctly for your eyes). You'll have to refocus them to view transparencies (twist the ocular counter-clockwise).

26-Jul-2000, 18:49
One thing I forgot to mention that may be an important issue. In my older age I'm now wearing Varilux progressive focus glasses. Lining up you glasses on the loop eye-piece for sharpe focus can be a real hassle.