View Full Version : 3x4 Processing ?

7-Oct-2007, 22:07
Is there a Tank or Drum made for developing 3x4 film?

Pete Watkins
7-Oct-2007, 22:44
If you carry out a few simple adjustments a Patterson Orbital Print Processor would suit your needs. I process 4 sheets of 4x5 at a time with no problems. Watch U.K. E-Bay, they come up now and then.

Randy H
8-Oct-2007, 05:18
Is there a Tank or Drum made for developing 3x4 film?

Yankee made a square daylight tank that held 10 sheets of 3x4, or 8 sheets 4x5 with pin seperators. Uses a lot of chemicals though. BGasically a slosh method,
unicolour has a roll tank that holds 6 (three per side.

Chuck Pere
8-Oct-2007, 05:46
If you want to pay for it you can adjust a Nikor Cut Film tank for that size. I use mine for 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 sheets.

Erich Hoeber
14-Oct-2007, 17:48
I'm pretty sure the HP Combi-Plan can be reconfigured to do 3x4.

Oren Grad
14-Oct-2007, 19:38
The Jobo 3006 Expert drum, although designed for 4x5 and 5x7, works well for 3x4 too.

David A. Goldfarb
14-Oct-2007, 19:40
The Nikor tank will do any size from 2x3" pack and sheet film up to 4x5".

You could also just learn to process in trays. If you're into odd formats, you'll be able to do anything that way.