View Full Version : Hasselblad center spot filter with Rodenstock 65mm Grandagon

David G. Miller
7-Oct-2007, 10:21
While I realize that a 65mm lens will not be easy to use on my 4x5 Horseman FA, I have a great yen to capture the glory of Sakatchewan's broad prairie sunsets, most often with a 612 roll film holder, but conceivably with the full 4x5 as well.

I fully expect to need a graduated centre spot filter for any of the 65mm lenses that will fit the Horseman. All but one of the 65s take 67mm filters; the Rodenstock Grandagon N takes a 58mm filter, and I already have a 58mm graduated centre spot filter for the 30mm lens on my Hasselblad. What are the chances I can save myself a few hundred dollars by buying a lens to match the filter instead of the other way around? I recognize that the degree of 'acceptable' fall-off is partly a matter of personal taste, but could this combination be workable? Has anyone tried it?

If the answer is "No, you fool, there's no way this will work!" then is there much to choose between the Rodenstock Grandagon N, the Schneider Super-Angulon, the Nikkor SW, and the Fuji SWD? The Nikkor, at f4,0 is a stop faster than the Schneider and the Fuji, and half a stop faster than the f4.5 Rodenstock. Given that viewing is going to be a bit of a challenge, even with the Boss screen on my camera, is an extra stop likely to make much difference in the real world?

Thanks to everyone who contributes to this forum; being new to large formal and living a long way from any hotbeds of LF activity, I greatly appreciate the information on this site.

7-Oct-2007, 16:29
I have a 65 Grandagon N and a 6x12 and I would love to know if using the Hblad filter would work - I would think it might vignette but it might not - let me know

David A. Goldfarb
7-Oct-2007, 16:47
Does the Hasselblad filter have larger front threads than the rear threads? If not, it is likely to vignette, aside from questions of whether the amount of correction is acceptable.

David G. Miller
7-Oct-2007, 22:05
Rats! I know the front threads are the same 58mm as the rear ones, but I thought I might get away with it because the Hasselblad is a very thin filter: only about 3mm thick. However, when I took it off the lens the measure it precisely, I realized the filter itself is considerably less than 58mm in diameter. In fact it's a 48mm diameter filter in a 58mm mount! Oh well, I guess that's the end of _that_ discussion.

Thanks all the same.

Emmanuel BIGLER
8-Oct-2007, 01:10
I guess that's the end of _that_ discussion.
David. I have used the 75mm 6.8 grandagon-N for 6x12 Slides. It is only only when I have a substantial amount of tilt that I eventually use the centre filter. The Rodenstock centre filter that I own is designed for both the 6.8/75 Grandagon-N and the 4.5/65 Grandagon-N. So in fact the matching between the lens and the filter is not extremely tight since the manufacturer recommends the same filter for the two lenses.
I have found it as a second-hand item, hence the price was more affordable. It is a superb 77mm piece of glass mounted on a 58-to-77 step-up ring. The amount of exposure correction is moderate, +1.5 f-stops. This filter is perfectly neutral as far as colour rendition is concerned.
Yes, the 65 on 6x12 will offer you a broader angle of view and more light fall-of in the corners than the 75 but for landscape with little shift you should make a try before considering purchasing the filter.
A little darkening in the corners is not necessarily a nuisance in landscape photography.
So, take your time, enjoy the landscape before winter and eventually decide for finding the dedicated centre filter, actuallly you can make many good pictures without the filter.

David G. Miller
8-Oct-2007, 07:03
Thanks, Emmanuel, you're very encouraging. You're right, of course: I need to play for a while before spending more money.

9-Oct-2007, 15:14
Another 65mm that has smaller thread is the Schneider Super Angulon 65/8. It is threaded 49mm and covers 4X5. You could use a step ring to mate the 58mm filter to the 49mm threads. I saw one of these lenses on that auction site for less than $100 at the beginning of the summer.

I have one of these lenses and thought it worked well.


David G. Miller
9-Oct-2007, 18:08
Interesting. Neither Horseman's list of lenses that will fit the FA nore Michael Davis's "Specs for new large format lenses" on the Large Format Page mention this lens. I'll check out the specs on Schneider's web site ... but I'm not sure I want to try to focus a 65mm f8 on the ground glass. Still, if it fits and one pops up cheaply, what have I got to lose?

9-Oct-2007, 18:35
Not sure why it wouldn't work with a Horseman. According to Schneider's site, mine was made in 1971 or 72. I'm pretty sure that production of these f8 super angulons stopped in the 1990s if not earlier. In my case, it is on a compur shutter, I think a 0 (I don't have the camera handy right now but I'll check when I can).

At f8 it isn't the easiest to focus, but it is manageable. I don't think I'd want to place the center filter until after focus was achieved though.