View Full Version : Parts for 545 Pol insert ???

david clark
25-Jul-2000, 21:00
Hi all, the lever has broken off my 545. It sheared right at the little black pl astic cam that tightens the rollers. Does anyone know where I could get a new pa rt for this? Thanks, David

David Payumo
25-Jul-2000, 21:17
Check www.skgrimes.com for a repair and parts article about the Polaroid back. I think POLAROID might have the parts.

Bill Jefferson
26-Jul-2000, 06:50
Hi Dave, Please call 1-800-343-5000 Polaroid Customer Care Center About your holder Thanks, Bill

John Randall
28-Jul-2000, 20:55
I just saw a 545 which was listed as "for parts" on ebay. You might want to check it out.