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6-Oct-2007, 15:47

I'm tryin' to find times for TMax 100 (rated 25-50) in PMK.

The Massiv Dev chart says the following:
Film: Dev: Dilution ISO Time Temp
TMax 100 PMK 10+16+1000 20 11.5 21C
TMax 100 PMK 11+20+1000 20 10 21C

Both have notes saying inversions every 15 seconds and previous version of the film.

Two questions:
1) Any idea how big a difference there is b/n the "current" version and the "previous" version? H
2) For those familiar with PMK/Pyro, how does the change in dilution affect film?

I'm sure a few of you will say "Try it and find out." I intend to do that, but I'm hoping that an answer or two will help me see the differences.



steve simmons
6-Oct-2007, 16:35
My experience, and Gordon's advice from the beginning is


going 1.1-2-100 won't make any difference

Why an EI of 20???????

Most people shoot it at 80-100, maybe 50

You can't realistically get this type of advice from people with different water supplies, different meters, different shutters, no one agitates the same, etc., etc.

Sorry, but everyone really needs to do their own testing and then trust the results.

steve simmons

7-Oct-2007, 06:59
I'm lookin for a low ISO because I'm shooting directly into the sun for an extended amount of time. . . . (http://anti-aesthetic.net for examples)

I'm using Efke 25 with a 3.0 ND right now. It works wonderfully BUT the last two boxes I bought had problems with the film being cut too big. In my crits people have suggested that I move up to 8x10 but I'm hesitant to buy a box of Efke 8x10 especially when I have a box of Tmax 100 sitting in the fridge.

I'm just trying to find a way to make what I have work so I can continue shooting and eating....

steve simmons
7-Oct-2007, 09:12
I'm lookin for a low ISO because I'm shooting directly into the sun for an extended amount of time. .




This will only make your problem worse. You are going to have a badly overexposed and over developed neg.

Do some testing!!!!

steve simmons

Paul Fitzgerald
7-Oct-2007, 21:41

you might find this article of help, lith film is high contrast to start with.


Yes, you can adjust PMK A + B ratio for contrast reduction, adding to C would limit the max. density available.

Good luck with it.

Jason Miguel
8-Oct-2007, 12:38
I would agree with Mr. Simmons. If shooting into the sun is what you want to do? T-max 100 rated at such a low ASA will only give you an over exsposed Negative. I have shot a lot of Efke pl 100 in 8x10. The film is nice but I never knew what to expect from box to box. TMY 400 is now my chioce film dev-in PMK. Do some test and see what happens. It my take some time plus film but I do not see a lower ASA and a stronger PMK solution helping any. I would try ASA 100- Shadows on Zone IV or V and development in a Pyrocatechin formula. There are other way's of getting the sun to travle across the frame then by lowering the ASA.

Jason Miguel