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6-Oct-2007, 15:15

I bought a box of left overs from an old foto studio and a Voigtlander lens (or parts of it) came along.
It is written:

Nš 7201
Voigtlander & Son in Wien un Braunschweig

It seams to be just a doublet. Convex at the front and concave on the back with a very faint image that moves between a sharp and mid sized image on the front surface and an extra lage and not so sharp image that I assume is coming from the back.

The barrel has a slot to insert the different appertures but no blades came with.

At the back of the lens there is a housing either for optics which are missing or for filters. It reduces the diameter from 7 cm (front lens shade) to 4 cm at that point.

The glass could be cleaned and showed a very good condition. It produces an image in the ground glass of a 5x7 at about 270 mm for infinity focus.

Does anybody can tell anything about that lens?

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8-Oct-2007, 09:23
That is me again,

I researched a bit on the web and according to the serial number this lens was produced in 1858. So the topic is not exactly for a large format enthusiast, like most of us are, but rather to someone dealing with history of photography. Case you know any resource on that, please let me know.



Gene McCluney
8-Oct-2007, 11:25
There is a forum I think you have to join, but it should be free. It is called Wet Plate Photography Forum. These people deal with this age of equipment all the time. You could pose your questions there and get informed answers. Here is a link:


Ole Tjugen
8-Oct-2007, 11:32
There's also the Wet Plate Collodion forum (http://www.collodion.com/), and the Wood & Brass mailing list, and...

anyway I have a feeling that this lens should have the glass at the rear and the stop in front - are you sure things are put together in the right order? If the glass is in the rear it's a landscape lens, a well known lens type.