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Neil Genower
6-Oct-2007, 14:21
I've just bought a 135mm Nikkor W lens for my Wista. I have been a little alarmed to read quite a few post on various forums suggesting it might/is a poor lens.

have I bought an inferior lens ?......if so. is it THAT bad ?

Would I really notice.

Any owners care to comment?

with thanks, Neil

Sheldon N
6-Oct-2007, 14:47
No, it's not a bad lens. In fact its a very good lens.

Even if it were a "bad lens" vs. a "good lens" (40 lp/mm resolution vs 70lp/mm resolution) it would only really start to be visible at print sizes around 24x30. Odds are you wouldn't notice.

Be happy with your purchase. :)

Walter Calahan
6-Oct-2007, 15:16
Don't believe everything you read.

Makes some pictures with it so you are the judge.

6-Oct-2007, 15:35

It becomes a matter of gearhead vs photographer. Someone could argue all day about superior optics without ever taking a photo.

Make the most of the equipment in your hands. Only take criticisms to heart when they match your own experiences.

6-Oct-2007, 15:47
Here's a thought...make some pictures.

Brian Ellis
6-Oct-2007, 15:58
I owned one, sold it and bought a 135mm Rodenstock Sironar S because of reading some great things about the Rodenstock. I've always kind of kicked myself for placing such faith in what someone else wrote. The Nikon was a fine lens and while the Rodenstock is a fine lens also I don't see that it's any better than the Nikon.

Sal Santamaura
6-Oct-2007, 16:43

eric black
6-Oct-2007, 17:09
I have the 210mm version and love it- 2nd most used lens in my bag

6-Oct-2007, 17:47
I have the 210mm version and love it- 2nd most used lens in my bag

And, the 240 is also a great piece of glass!


Go out and shoot some pictures with the lens... then make up your mind whether you like it or not.

As Sheldon said, "Odds are you won't notice."

If you like... keep it!

If you don't... sell it and buy another one.

Opinions are like belly-buttons... everyone has one! :)


Wilbur Wong
6-Oct-2007, 18:13
Nikkor 135 W is one of the first lens that I bought in the 70's I keep and carry it in my kit today of 6 lenses from 65 to 500mm. I remember being chided that the 135 didn't have the image circle of a 150. Image quality is something which I don't consider as compromised in comparison to other lenses (makers).

Joseph O'Neil
7-Oct-2007, 06:31
Some years ago I bought a Rodenstock Sironar N, not S, but N series 135mm lens brand new.

All over the internet "experts" told me this was a terrible lens, or not so good, etc, etc, especially compared to the S version of the same. Even today I'll occasionally run across a posting about how that lens is no longer sold because it wasn't very good, etc, etc.

They are all full of crap. It is an excellent lens, and I truely wonder if the people who degraded it verbally ever actually used the thing to begin with.

For what it is worth, the "critics of your Nikkor 135 W are probally the same people who put down my Sironar 135 N. Go enjoy your lens and prove the experts wrong. :)


Richard Kelham
7-Oct-2007, 07:45
Like everyone says go and try it. It's just possible you have got a dog that has been damaged or something, but unless that it is the case you should find it an excellent lens. I have the 210 and 300mm versions of the same design and they are great lenses, easily the equal of my Sironar and Symmar-S lenses.

Suck it and see!


Neil Genower
7-Oct-2007, 12:21
Thank you one and all for taking the trouble to respond to my message.
I take your points ! I will go and take some pictures. One gets obsesed with web posts.
It's a bit like mobile phones, what did we do without them.................plenty, I think !!

I'm really looking forward to taking "a picture" rather than rattling off dozens of "images" as I do in my day job, it's just finding the time, I guess that's why I peruse
these sites in the evening, It's sort of relaxing and the TV is rubbish.

thanks again, I'll let you know my thoughts when I've got a picture to look at.