View Full Version : I know it's not a Hypergon. But what is it?

Hugo Zhang
5-Oct-2007, 16:58

Do your guys think it will cover 8x10?

Walter Calahan
5-Oct-2007, 18:07
I was puzzled by that lens too.

Look forward to a lens wizard speaking up.

5-Oct-2007, 18:23
Somewhere there's a front door with a hole in it...

Alex Wei
5-Oct-2007, 19:36
I bet its not going to sell for 43 dollars :)

Dan Fromm
6-Oct-2007, 05:43
Y'know, if Goerz had made it the word "Goerz" would be engraved all over it. Until proven otherwise its someone else's lens in a Goerz box.

Note that the rear cell is threaded externally. Its made to go into something. I have no idea what, but it may not even be a complete lens.

Ernest Purdum
6-Oct-2007, 10:15
I'm guessing that it is an optical component of a measuring device, not a photographic item.

Mark Sawyer
6-Oct-2007, 10:25
The only Goerz lens even semi-close up front is the Planigon (very similar to the Metrogon). But the back end is all wrong. I've never seen a wide angle lens with a concave rear outer surface. Ernest and Will have the best guesses so far...

domenico Foschi
6-Oct-2007, 14:47
That's AL 9000 eye....

7-Oct-2007, 06:25
take a look at the other lens this ebayer has. here its number # 180165143981

Ernest Purdum
7-Oct-2007, 08:54
I already did take a look. Goerz used many lens names, but I haven't run across "Epigor" before. Here again, I don't think this to be a camera lens. "Epi" suggests it is a prjection lens.

I would have bid a few bucks on it out of curiosity, but it hasgone up past my curiosity budget.

Dr Klaus Schmitt
9-Oct-2007, 07:23
A projection lens with variable aperture??? Guess not...

9-Oct-2007, 07:32
Well we shall see how long before they both show back up on the net for sale :) :)