View Full Version : cooke ps945 adapted to Rollei 6008af

George Kara
3-Oct-2007, 09:27
Hey all

I spoke with SK Grimes about creating an adapter for my cooke lens. I would like to be able to use this great glass in a way that is sometimes quicker than my arca 4x5 allows.
Adam (@sk grimes) said it should be possible. He can make some type of focus adapter as well.

This should be a fairly quick way to shoot. Reflex viewing, mirror up, shoot.

Can any of you think of any downside or problem in creating this adapter to use for this lens. I shoot primarily people and figures in both color and bw and this lens is really sweet for this kind of work.


Walter Calahan
3-Oct-2007, 09:58
What a great idea. Kind of like the whacky old lenses I'm mounting to a 4x5 RB Graflex.

Good for you. Haven't tried a PS945, but I love my Cooke XVa.

Post some results when you have them.

Ken Lee
3-Oct-2007, 13:13
Will the lens be rather long for portraits on 6x6 ?

Will the setup be heavy in the font ?

Perhaps when you get it hooked up, you can send it to me for "evaluation" - for say... one year ?

Bob Salomon
3-Oct-2007, 13:45
When we were the Rollei distributor Rollei offered an adapter with their shutter built into a helical focusing mount for the 6xxx series that accepted view camera type lenses. We sold several with an Imagon 120 or the 150 mounted in it. Have you tried to find one of these?

George Kara
4-Oct-2007, 06:57
Bob thanks for the info! I didnt know these were available. Any idea of where I may find one?

Ken - you goofball! :)


David A. Goldfarb
4-Oct-2007, 07:50
It is very easy to adapt LF lenses to classic Bronicas, which have a separate focusing helical, focal plane shutter and dual-mounting system--Bronica bayonet or 57x1mm screwmount. They were designed this way so that photographers with press cameras could easily adapt their press lenses to the SLR. You can find S2a bodies cheap these days and just have a threaded ring made to adapt it to the Cooke lens. The camera with helical, back, and WLF will probably cost less than a custom adapter with helical for a the Rollei 6008.

This shot was made with a 21cm/4.5 Heliar adapted to a Bronica S2a--


Bob Salomon
4-Oct-2007, 08:00
Bob thanks for the info! I didnt know these were available. Any idea of where I may find one?

Ken - you goofball! :)



We haven't sold Rollei since 1998. I have no idea who might have that item now. 2 dealers who had bought them from us were Bear Images in Palo Alto and Eli Kurland in New York City. Either might still sell them as they are both still Rollei dealers.