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Dave Parker
2-Oct-2007, 22:06
and I know, it has probably already been asked, but I picked up a lens today, and after searching don't seem to find a lot of information about it, it seems it would be a commong lens...

Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 13.5cm f/4.5 mounted in a Compur shutter, with a name plate on the top of the shutter that says "F. Deckel Munchen

I have not run into one with the screwed on name plate like this before, so any information would be appreciated the serial number is 2548829

On the shutter tester, it is pretty dead on,



Gordon Moat
2-Oct-2007, 23:50
If you scroll all the way down on this page (http://www.sci.fi/~animato/lumiere/lumiere.html), you can find Compur shutter numbers by year. Seems that yours might be 1933. Anyway, that is a start. I think Arne or Ole might chime in at some point to provide more information.


Gordon Moat
A G Studio

3-Oct-2007, 02:44

you're lucky with a shutter of that age working fine.
The tessar 135mm f4.5 is not likely to cover 4x5" and as you say, a commen lens for that era.


3-Oct-2007, 03:23
These are nice lenses ... and though a Zeiss not a Deckel, my own Tessar 135/4.5 in Compur works like a dream on 4x5. It's about 1930 and from a Donata. Hold on to that, Dave, the average prices of them do not reflect their true value.

Glenn Thoreson
3-Oct-2007, 20:39
Hi, Dave! The 135 Tessar will indeed cover 4X5 with small movements. They were standard equipment on many 4X5 and 9X12cm cameras. The rim set Compur shutter first came out about 1929. They were made by F. Deckel, of Munich, Germany, but were often labeled to suit individual camera makers. I have several that are still very accurate, at 1/6 stop variance or less. The Tessar lens formula is the most copied optical formula ever. These are still very usable and compare favorably to some of the more modern lenses. Use and enjoy!