View Full Version : FUJI b&w and color neg QUICKLOADS, Interested?

Ellis Vener
4-Aug-1998, 10:18
Fuji QuickLoad fans, I thought I might pass this along. It comes from an e-mail sent to me by Neil Ro llo with a UK store called "Teamwork Photographic". I will post the URL at the end.

"Thank you for your enquiry.

The cost for Neopan 80 is normally #45 per box of 20 sheets and the NP160 (col our neg) is #59. If purchased by the case (20 boxes) Neopan would cost #40 per box and NP160 would cost #53 plus shipping (UPS for example would cost approx #50). I would have thought that X-rays would not be to much of a problem as both fil ms are quite slow and they should only be subjected to one or two passes (I hav e had films x-rayed 5 times with no apparent loss in quality), however if you a re concerned then you should talk to your local customs department." The Teamwork e-mail is: all@teamworkphoto.co.uk and the Teamwork URL is: http://www.teamworkphoto.co.uk/

Perhaps we can persuade FujiPhoto USA to try a test import of these films?

Alan Gibson
4-Aug-1998, 11:52
For what it's worth, if it's relevant, Teamwork is a very reputable store. It is possibly the UK's largest large-format equipment supplier. I've used them quite a bit, but then I live here.

Ellis Vener
11-Aug-1998, 02:45
Dan, I believe that Mido is no longer making the film holders. If so, too bad for the y looked like a good product. Maybe someone can revive the company.

Andrew McFarland
4-Aug-1999, 22:19
Sign me up. Perhaps a letter campaign. Perhaps all the folks at FujiPhoto USA should be forced to use ReadyLoads until they see the wisdom of importing. :-)