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Pete Watkins
2-Oct-2007, 13:37
I've started to process my first 1/2 plate negs and I've just obtained some 5x7 film holders. I cannot find any information on files/pages for storing 5x7/half plate negatives. I'm in The U.K. but I don't mind shipping stuff in from other countries.

2-Oct-2007, 15:54
Conservation Resources International makes a 4-fold paper envelope that I use.


They also make sorage boxes of various sizes. Best quality I have found to date.

I like the envelopes because there is no sliding of the negative in or out. And I can write all the data (I use a pencil) on the outside of the envelope.


Justin Cormack
2-Oct-2007, 15:55
Silverprint sell sleeves and pages for 5x7 - these fit half plate too without any trouble. I got the plain sleeves as I dont use binders at the moment.


David A. Goldfarb
2-Oct-2007, 16:58
I use glassine envelopes from B&H.

Ted Harris
2-Oct-2007, 17:05
I use Pro-Line clear envelopes from Pro-Vu plastics. I have hundreds and no idea where I purchased them.

Jan Pedersen
2-Oct-2007, 20:27
Last time i bougt some of these but also forgot where.


Pete Watkins
3-Oct-2007, 00:50
Many thanks for all your help.

3-Oct-2007, 01:00
I store my 5X7 negatives in Print File Archival Preeservers. The product number if 100-57-2B, which stores two negatives per page that will fit a 3-ring binder. The plastic contains no PVC and is safe for long-term storage.

Web site is www.PrintFile.com, but you can purchase directly from a number of sources, including B&H in New York.

The storage sheets are very clear and permit making contact print with the negative in the sheet.

Sandy King

Ross Chambers
3-Oct-2007, 01:02
It took me a while to figure this myself: 5x7 prints are relatively common and Klame at least make an archival, or so they say, "PRINT FILE" for 5x7.

The pack says "4 exposures" but they have 2 pockets per sheet, so that would be 4 prints back to back, but only 2 negs.

They seem OK to me, they are freely available in Australia, but I suggest this only for your consideration.

Regards - Ross