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2-Oct-2007, 05:14
i'm trying to find out some info on what this lens is designed for. i actually don't think its a camera lens as it dosn't have waterhouse stops. it's about 12" focal length. it does have an aperture plate of about f8 which sits where the 2 barrels screw together. this removed makes it about f4.9. its quite a simple design with only 2 or possibly 3 elements very close together and fixed into the front mount. convex surface at front, concave at rear. going by the serial no. this would be about 1867? the no. 4 .. surely its not the patent no.? but the model of lens. the black painted barrel is a very rough turned brass alloy which i have soldered onto a mount for graphic 4x5. i only ever used it on paper negs and didnt get terribly sharp results.
anyway, i hope someone as seen one of these before

Jim Galli
2-Oct-2007, 07:03
I'll pool my ignorance and see what floats to the top. :confused:

It looks like it is a single meniscus type like the Kodak Portrait lenses. In that case the arrangement would be that the doublet would be at the end of the tube with the aperture plate in the middle and the front an empty tube. Aperture removed would give a pleasingly soft portrait, and aperture in place would firm things up nicely. I seem to recall from the lens VM that Dallmeyer did make such a lens.

Gordon Moat
2-Oct-2007, 10:04
You might have a look at this page (http://dioptrique.info/base/m/m_dallmeyer.htm) to see if it matches one of these lenses. Just by view I would guess the landscape lens, but I could be very wrong.


Gordon Moat
A G Studio

Ole Tjugen
2-Oct-2007, 10:08
Looks like an achromatic Landscape lens. Single lens cell at the rear, aperture at the front. "Achromatic" means that the cell is a cemented doublet. Until the Rapid Rectilinear was introduced this was the most used lens for anything that didn't require a Petzval.

4-Oct-2007, 02:02
the glass looks more like the "lentille a paysage" whatever that means

4-Oct-2007, 05:59
That means "landscape lens".

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
4-Oct-2007, 08:27
Indeed, it looks like a achromat landscape lens to me too. Up to the 1870s these had the screw-in stops (as opposed to the slide-in waterhouse). Later these stops were replaced by a dial. According to an 1870s E.H.&T. Anthony catalogue I have, the no. 4 landscape lens had a FL of 12" and would cover 10x12.

13-Oct-2007, 05:54
hi if any one is still reading this one. have i got my lens board on the right end of this? i have seen other dallmeyers with the large screw thread holding it to the board. if this was the case, starting from the front you would have a rough brass hood, aperture, barrel with engraving and lens at the mounting point. this would put the concave glass facing forward, behind the aperture, and convex facing the film.

13-Oct-2007, 05:57
oh yeah i've just read the old posts again. at least 3 of you said that the aperture should be in front!!!!

Gordon Moat
13-Oct-2007, 12:40
So are you getting an image on the ground glass? What sort of coverage?


Gordon Moat
A G Studio

23-Oct-2007, 04:29
umm. havn,t used it in a while.
i have only 5x4. but it covered enough for a good deal of movement. i guess about 11x14

23-Oct-2007, 04:32
i haven,t used it in a long time and i only have 5x4.
i remember quite a lot of movement so i guess 11x14

Steven Tribe
5-Apr-2014, 02:54
Warning: old thread!
This came up whilst doing a search.
This is the standard WA landscape lens size 4 (12x10") from Dallmeyer ( October 1867 in Dallmeyer's archive) and it had the front washer stops, rather than the wheel aperture we are more used to in the 30 years it was produced.