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John Hennessy
1-Oct-2007, 20:13
About six years ago I thought I hiked to Cape Flattery on the Makah reservation but was unable to bring my view camera. I remember seeing the boardwalks, the rocky headlands and one or more examples of the shallow-rooted, tipped-over trees one sees on the Olympic Peninsula. Last week I went back and the boardwalks and spectacular headlands and coves are as I remembered but the downed trees are not there. Evidently I am confusing two different boardwalk trails in Olympia NP and cannot figure out where are the trees I am thinking of. I know there some examples of such trees near the visitors’ center on the Hoh River but the ones I remember are somewhere else.

Can anyone help remember where there are shallow-rooted, tipped-over trees along a boardwalk trail on the Olympic Peninsula? View camera users are compulsive by nature and I want to go back and try again.

By the way, the Makah have improved the parking area at the Cape Flattery trail, have someone at the end of the trail to answer questions and their museum is as good as ever. But they now charge $10 per year to visit anything on the res. I’d pay $10 a visit!


Bob Sawin
9-Oct-2007, 20:28

Could this be the trail?

"Ozette Area
Two trails to the coast begin at the end of the Lake Ozette road. The Cape Alava Trail, the northern trail, is 3.3 miles. The southern trail, the Sand Point Trail is 3.0 miles to the beach. Both are nearly continuous wooded boardwalk. Current tide chart and weather is posted at the trailhead. A three mile walk on the beach makes a 9.3 mile loop. Along the coast you will see marine life, Ozette Island, and Cape Alava, the western most point in the contiguous United States."