View Full Version : Tool to tighten lens on lensboard

1-Oct-2007, 08:02
Maybe a silly question - but is there a tool one can buy to tighten the screw at the rear of the lensboard.

By hand tightening I don't get enough bite - lens is a bit loose in the board hole....

tim atherton
1-Oct-2007, 08:10
I think this is what you are asking for

from Toyo simple basic design that works on most modern lenses/shutters without too much risk of slipping and scrathching the lens/glass or the board.


similar one from rodenstock


more all purpose/heavy duty design:


tim atherton
1-Oct-2007, 08:12
ps - the first two are especially useful because they are small and flat and credit card sized - easy to keep in a camera bag for when you find the shutter has mysteriously loosened in the board while on some long trip somewhere...

Sanjay Sen
1-Oct-2007, 08:15
Another option... http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/71000-REG/General_Brand_NPLSS_Lens_Spanner_Wrench.html

Paul Metcalf
1-Oct-2007, 08:49
This is what I got, works well with cautious usage...

1-Oct-2007, 11:15
Once again the LFPF comes to my rescue :-)

Many thanks indeed!


Bob Salomon
1-Oct-2007, 11:29
The Linos (formerly Rodenstock) lens wrench does 0, 1 and 3 size shutters from Copal, Compur and Prontor. I believe the Toyo only does 0 and 1 size shutters and may not have the proper pin size for all 3 shutter types.

Jon Shiu
1-Oct-2007, 12:18
If you don't have a spanner you can get it pretty tight (providing no pin on shutter) by putting your thumb on the lock ring and turning the shutter instead of the ring.


Brian Ellis
1-Oct-2007, 12:54
I've used the flat kind (Rodenstock I think) and the one made by S.K. Grimes. I prefer the one made by Grimes because it's almost infinitely adjustable, which can be handy when working with older lenses and odd shutter sizes. It's a little expensive ($30) but as long as you don't carry it in your backpack while boarding an airplane it will last a lifetime. The first one I owned was confiscated by airport security at a time when their policy was to confiscate all "tools." Not sure they'd do that today but to be safe I'd put it in a suitcase.

JW Dewdney
2-Oct-2007, 01:05
Hold the retaining ring with one hand (or a few fingers) and rotate the shutter with the other hand - this method will get it at LEAST as tight as any wrench could. I promise.

It's good to have the cells out when you do this.