View Full Version : My Phenomenal Turner Reich Lens

Jim Galli
30-Sep-2007, 21:47
I've always kind of turned up my nose at the TR's

I very nearly dumped the one I listed here a couple of days ago.

Click over and read through my ad (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?p=278489#post278489) that I wrote after spending about 55 seconds looking at an image on the GG at infinity. Then read on to the last post. Pretty amazing little lens. Needless to say it's not for sale any longer.

What a gorgeous look it has wide open.

30-Sep-2007, 23:03
Great images!

I just posted an image taken with my 12-?-28 TR.


Landscape at 28" at f64. Soft in all the corners, but I don't know if it was operator error or the lens. The rear element has real bad separation, so it really only usable as a 28" with the front element behind the shutter (which works great, amazingly enough).

But maybe now I will try it with both elements in place and wide open, just to see what happens.


30-Sep-2007, 23:36
I knew I should have sorted a deal with you.... I was looking at the lens thinking, "hey I bet that's a real gem there" :D

Kevin M Bourque
1-Oct-2007, 05:55
Funny thing....you want to sell your house, and you spend some time and money to enhance the curb appeal, and then you say, "Hey, this isn't such a bad place to live after all".

7-Oct-2007, 15:36
Well, paid way more than I wanted for a turner reich triple on ebay just now. Thanks a lot for hyping yours just a week before the auction end :)

Jim Galli
7-Oct-2007, 16:56
Ouch! I was watching that bad boy too. Hope you have some fun with it. Sure looked CLEAN!!

7-Oct-2007, 17:10
I actually bought the camera that it came off of about 2 weeks ago (an 8x10 conley new view). Seller is actually kind of an arse - took his sweet time to ship (hasn't actually shipped it yet) - but I really wanted the lens so I took a chance. On the bright side, he can throw it in the box with my camera if he ever gets around to shipping it.

It belongs on my camera ;)

Jim Galli
7-Oct-2007, 18:27
He'll probably take the flange off and auction it seperately :eek: