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30-Sep-2007, 04:43
Hi and greetings from another newcomer. I've enjoyed dabbling in photography since my teen years, and got serious again a few years ago when digital caught my interest, but I've since drifted back to film, then medium format, and now dipping my toe in LF through the purchase of a Speed Graphic which should arrive next week.

I've been lurking here for a while; now joined and I expect to find the answers to lots of silly questions in the archives here or by asking the inevitable newbie questions (for which I offer my apologies in advance).

Is it just my imagination or is LF growing? :)

Cheers all!


Michael Wynd
30-Sep-2007, 17:45
Hi Chris,
welcome, you'll enjoy it here.
More and more Aussies are coming out of the wood work.

kevin kelly
2-Oct-2007, 13:32
Hi from Ireland Chris.
This forum is a great resource.

Best wishes KK

3-Oct-2007, 09:16
Welcome aboard. I too hope the LF cult is growing. :p

Carsten Wolff
5-Oct-2007, 18:43
welcome and goodonya!
I think the vast majority of recent new members is from Terra Australis....when it rains it pours, hey?
We might have to have a LF photographers workshop, or meeting, or such next....
(I think the Victorians have recently had something like that already).
Carsten, NQ

Uri Kolet
5-Oct-2007, 22:25
Welcome from Vancouver in the Canadian Rockies, Chris; glad to have you here.

Johhn D Castle
6-Oct-2007, 00:22
Hi All,

New to LF & this Forum, have been into Photograpy since a Kid, but just really getting started again. Just got a Shen Hao so looking forward to the great tips avaliable in this Forum.
My home Location is NE England but away from there mostly due to work.
Just amazed by the Large Format images, can't wait to try to get somewhere near the experts,