View Full Version : Linhof Vignetting Mask Holder w/ Arca Compendium?

29-Sep-2007, 20:45
I am very keen to get a compendium lens hood for my Arca 6x9 but have not bothered because of the lack of a variable masking system for the front of the hood. I'm almost always using some parallel movements and it seems that a variable masking system is essential in these conditions to get the best from a compendium.

Today I noticed that Linhof produce one for their compendium system:


Both the Linhof and the Arca-Swiss 6x9 compendiums use the same 100mm by 100mm filter slots so I wonder whether it is possible to fit the Linhof vignetter to the 6x9 AS compendium?

Bob? Anyone who's tried this before?

Thanks, Matt.