View Full Version : Former Linhoff Field Camera Owners

Charles Mangano
24-Jul-2000, 18:07
Why did you decide to sell your Linhoff Field camera? Your experience may be va luable to those of us faced with a buying decision. Thanks,

Scott Walton
25-Jul-2000, 12:31
I've had my Tech III for about 10 yrs and have no intention of selling it! It's a great little work horse. Cheers

QT Luong
25-Jul-2000, 16:58
Have you read my review on the LF page ? I didn't sell mine, but basically I don't use it anymore.

Julio Fernandez
25-Jul-2000, 19:21
Master Technika: Extremely versatile, long bellows draw, 425mm, wide range of lens standard movements, rotating back which has a good range of movements, very sturdy, compact, precision adjustments of the ground glass, highly durable, fast set up, allows use of extreme wide angles, can be used as a ranege finder camera, over all high quality.

25-Jul-2000, 21:46
I currently use an older Technika III and think it is the greatest 4X5 field camera I have ever used. I love the precision. In fact I have sold two different wood field cameras over the years (Wista DX and Horseman)in favor of keeping the Technika III. Don't get me wrong, I think wood field cameras are beautiful but sometimes beautiful things are meant to be looked at. The less beautiful Technika is a tool that keeps on delivering beautiful images year after year.

Paul Schilliger
28-Jul-2000, 15:54
I have used a Tech V for a good number of years and think much good of it. It's a compact, solid block when folded and can be grabbed by the leather handle and unfolded very quickly. We have spent so much time together and made such a number of pictures, I would never sell it but rath er keep it as a spare. But since I got a light monorail recently (Toyo VX 125), I must say that making lens displacements is a pain on the Linhof. In many occasions I had to renounce a picture because I just couldn't achieve the desired movement. Also, with wide angles, keeping both standards parallel is dif ficult and, with lenses from 90 and beneath, movements are limited and often unavailable. I just had a t hree days tour with the Toyo and still am amazed. Things are so easy and readily available, even with th e wider angles... The only things I miss is the axis tilt of the Linhof, it's stability at full extension a nd perhaps, it's compactness although the VX is still a compact camera and has plenty of stability in calm we ather.

30-Jul-2000, 04:14
I almost sold my TK45. I had been having difficulty getting accurate focussing and figured my eyesight probably was too blame. But then I read about the possibility that the camera was out of alignment and I had the camera checked by a repair shop specializing in Linhof cameras. The $400+ realignment cured the focussing problems. Perhaps the newer TK45s does a better job of preventing this misalign

Bob Salomon
30-Jul-2000, 07:46
: The $400+ realignment cured the focussing problems. Perhaps the newer TK45s does a better job of preventing this misalign "

Why don't you tell us what cost 400.00. Certainly not just an alignment.

30-Jul-2000, 11:28
Keeble and Shuchat of Palo Alto charged me more than $400 for repairs done by Marflex (sp?). Marflex "realigned" the camera and replaced an abraded red knob. You have my OK to check it ou