View Full Version : gitzo mountaineer tripod with arca-swiss camera

Raymond Bleesz
3-Aug-1998, 21:52
has anyone been disappointed with the gitzo mountaineer tripod using it with lf cameras? i am contemplating the above purchase for possible use with a arca swi ss 6x9front/4x5 back. presently i am using a gitzo 320 w/ a linhof ball head and the arrangement is satisfactory. however, with the mountaineer, i would be ga ining lightness/compactness-- your thoughts please.

John Lehman
5-Aug-1998, 18:47
I have been very satisfied with mine; I even use it with a 380mm f5.6 lens on my Supergraphic when I am not close to the van. It makes LF backpacking almost pleasant.

I hesitated to get one for over a year, since it cost more than my 4x5 camera and two lenses, but it has been worth every penny.

Jerald A. Rosenfeld
11-Oct-1998, 12:47
I have the 1349 Gitzo and I would not trade for anything. I have used it with bot ha 4x5 and a 8x10. The 8x10 was a Wisner Traditional Field. ( Weighted a ton).. Great tripod..

Ellis Vener
12-Oct-1998, 01:38
I am using the 1227 (but not extending the column.) with an Arca Swiss B1 head. It will support my Canham DLC but I am leery about using lenses longer than 210. I also use the hook at the bottom of the column to hold a weight bag or a camer a bag on a short bungee to increase mass. So far (six weeks) so good. I am also using it with 35mm Nikons including the 80-200 f/2.8 and the 300mm f/4 AF lenses . The 1227+B1 combo weighs as much as my 320 alone, and I like the collapsed lengt h. very easy to carry around. Vibration damping is excellent. I looked at the 12 28 but I did not like the 4 section legs. For your camera, based on my experienc e, I would get the 1348 or the 1349, primarily because of the larger area cover ed by the spread when using the legs at full extention at the standard leg stop angle.