View Full Version : German frame sizes

Doug Paramore
23-Oct-2000, 13:21
Anyone out there familiar with the standard frame sizes in Germany? I have a fri end from that country visiting who wishes to take some of my prints back and fra me them when she gets home to save weight and space on the airline. I will mat a nd mount them, but I need to know the sizes of the frame. What is the comparable size to our 8x10 frame size and our 11x14 size frame?



William Leviit
24-Oct-2000, 03:04
8X10" = 18 X 24 cm / 11X14" is 30 X 40 cm / 30 X 45 cm is also a standard size over here. I hope this helps.


Doremus Scudder
24-Oct-2000, 08:06
I live in Vienna, Austria most of the year (and have for 12 years). Having custom sized frames made in Europe is just as easy as in the States. Sure, there are "standard" sizes here, usually close to our 8x10, 16x20 etc. only in centimeters (20x25, 40x50, 50x70 etc.), however, she can simply take the photographs to the local frame shop and they should be happy to cut frames to whatever size your prints are. Regards, ;^D)

Doug Paramore
24-Oct-2000, 09:37
Thanks for the help. She was trying to avoid having to go to a custom frame shop, as she is taking several prints back. I will try and cut the mats to fit the frames or leave them a little large and let her trim them.