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domenico Foschi
27-Sep-2007, 13:00
It started 2 months ago, when I developed and printed some negatives I took in my recent trip to Italy.
Especially in the skies, I had noticed some banding which I quickly attributed to X-rays.
Then, I shot some negatives here at home and the same thing happened. These banding in the prints is barely visible, but of course makes the print non usable.

So, I thought is the camera. I thought that the curtain of the Speed graphic I was using was getting really thin in some areas and I assumed this was causing the streak.
I used a "new" speed graphic.
I didn't notice anymore streaking, but this is probably due to the fact that the images didn't include any skies.
Today I looked at some freshly developed and dried negatives and by chance I noticed that the side opposite to the emulsion, shows this streaking again.
It is as if there is some difference in "density" in the back side to the emulsion, almost a fog.
It is puzzling, upsetting, since these are images I really liked, and so the detective work begins, now.
One clue, that might be the reason of the problem, is probably the developing tray, which has a lot of dried up residue.
But this also doesn't feel true to me since the ridges of the tray are far more apart then the markings in the negatives.
Moreover the banding is not sharp but its edges are diffused and very regular in its length.
I would appreciate any input.

27-Sep-2007, 13:01
Are you sure it's not your film holder?

domenico Foschi
27-Sep-2007, 13:13
Are you sure it's not your film holder?

Ash, I am pretty sure, I own a lot of them and the problem looks the same in all of them.

Jon Shiu
27-Sep-2007, 13:14
What type of film, and was it all of the same batch?


domenico Foschi
27-Sep-2007, 13:32
What type of film, and was it all of the same batch?


2 film.
Agfa APX 100 and very few HP5+, and just now I have noticed that HP5 doesn't have the streaks, with a further look at these images.The surface is not shiny at hall, and dirty looking.
So that problem is only with Agfa, that I won't use anymore, anyway.
I use regularly photo flo, the developer is HC-110 dilution H.

Jon Shiu
27-Sep-2007, 14:30
I have read that that may be a sign of manufacturing defect (coating problem). I think Photo Engineer wrote about it on the APUG site. Not sure what brands have it.