View Full Version : Northern Arizona, Spring or Autumn?

Ron Marshall
27-Sep-2007, 12:02
I will be going to the North Rim of the GC, Coyote Buttes (Vermillion Cliffs) and Monument Valley next year. Considering weather, crowds, and biting insects, which is the best time, mid May or early October?

27-Sep-2007, 13:19
Hi Ron,

We were at the N. Rim this past May, just after it opened. The first few days the wind was blowing through the canyon bringing a lot of smog, then one night we had a wet snow, after that cleared out we had beautiful weather the rest of the trip; three weeks in all.

Not much in the way of crowds on the North Rim, though we were at the South Rim over the holiday and it was very crowded. No biting insects that I can remember.


Brian Vuillemenot
27-Sep-2007, 13:30
Definately autumn- peak being mid October through early November, a bit earlier if you want to catch the changing aspens. The weather this time of year is ideal for photography and being outdoors. Spring on the Colorado Plateau can be extremely windy- often the wind doesn't stop for days, blowing up all kinds of dust and debris, and making LF photography difficult if not impossible.