View Full Version : Info needed on a Zeiss Protar 1:18 632mm please

Henry Suryo
26-Sep-2007, 19:12
I have here in front of me a near mint Zeiss Jena Protar 1:18 632mm barrel lens and was wondering if anyone can shed some light on just how big an image circle this lens has. I have read that the F18 Protars are the so-called Series V wide angle Protar covering an angle of 110 degrees. Is this one of them, I didn't think they made them at this long a focal length? If so, was this made for those big process cameras like the long Apo Nikkors or Artars or was it for ULF general photography? Any other info would be most welcome. Thanks in advance, Henry

Hugo Zhang
26-Sep-2007, 19:28

That's a very rare No. 9 with a field of 90 degrees. According the Zeiss, it covers 16x20" at f/18 and 23 5/8 x 27 1/2" at f/36. I guess the smallest aperture of your Protar is f/50. So it will cover much more than the stated size. The longer Protar Vs were intended for purposes of reproduction. The smaller numbers of Protar V (up to 315mm) have an angle of 110 degree.

I have a No. 8 and it covers 20x24".

I am on the waiting line if you want to sell it soemday for whatever reason. :)

Jim Galli
27-Sep-2007, 06:50
My 1912 catalog says the 24 7/8 inch series V is for 16X18 plate wide open and 22X27 stopped down. Mammoth camera lens. Sort of wasted on anything smaller than a measly 16X20, it needs a home on a 20X24 :eek:

Henry Suryo
27-Sep-2007, 08:19
Wow, pretty small lens for the size of camera it would cover. The lens I have has a modern f-stop scale from f18 to f90, not sure when it was made. Also if it was intended for reproduction, I'm wondering if it's optimized for 1:1 instead of infinity. Regardless, can't imagine the thrill of looking at a fully covered 20x24 GG image! Thanks.