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Bob Eskridge
24-Jul-2000, 13:26
I have just purchased a Busch Pressman 45D to use as a compact field camera. An d am considering using a Grafmatic with it in the field. The back of the Pressman doesn't open as much as my view camera back and therefo re the thickness of the Grafmatic is of concern.

My question is: What is the thickness of the Grafmatic (4X5) holder?


Bob Finley
24-Jul-2000, 14:39
Bob - The graphmatic measures 7/8" thick. I just tried it on a model D that I have and it does fit but just barely. I would be concerned that it would stretch the springs over time. It is so hard to get it in the back that I am sure your would move the camera from your carefully composed set up in the process of putting in the graphmatic.

Pete Andrews
25-Jul-2000, 06:43
I agree with the above. I wouldn't use one regularly in a spring back, and I'd be concerned that the extra leverage of the GG would cause the pressure to be uneven, and might result in a tilt of the Grafmatic in the camera.I used to press one into service in a spring back MPP, but I was never happy about it. There's no problem with an international back.

25-Jul-2000, 08:37
One thing I'd suggest, though I'm not sure of the practicality or ease of it, is if you can, or know someone who can, modify/make stromger springs for the back, that are a little longer to accept the extra girth of the back.

tim atherton
25-Jul-2000, 12:23
I'm assuming the Pressman doesn't allow you to remove the ground glass part of the back and let you fit the Graphmatic directly to the camera, a la graflock(?) back

Tim A