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Nino Grangetto
26-Sep-2007, 08:39
Hello, new in great Format, and with new toy, can somebody say to me that model and year are? thank you very much, they are the only numeros that encounter in the camera, and I see that in the forum there are several experts in tema.Perdón to bore them. (English of Babelfish) Saludos desde Argentina


douglas antonio
26-Sep-2007, 09:24

your camera is a technika IV, built probably 1956-57. the serial numbers for this model started at 62501. the IV was built right up till 64.
now it seems as if somebody has replaced the original lens rise from the knob by the ratchet, as i cannot see it on the lens standards right side but you were able to raise the lens.

the socalled cam with the 127mm number is for a lens with the identical serial number, maybe a schneider-kreuznach press-xenar 4.7/127mm. it allows to use the camera hand held with the rangefinder. the mechanism enables to focus accurately through the top viewfinder bringing the two images to match.
serial number on cam - if schneider - dates the lens to about 1956.

more information on technikas at www. cameraquest.com.

enjoy your lovely toy!


douglas antonio
26-Sep-2007, 09:29
you must have accidently flipped the picture showing the whole camera.
the leather grip is on the left side of the camera not the right side.
so you should be still having the knob rise. i was puzzled by the picture.

Nino Grangetto
26-Sep-2007, 16:45
Douglas thanks, the image is inverted in scanner and it does not notice it. Very good the data. Greetings:)