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25-Sep-2007, 22:03
In my architectural and commercial shooting, I've use both Polaroid and Fuji instant color materials for testing. (So far, I'm happiest with Polaroid B&W.)

I'm curious as to other's opinions of the relative quality of these color materials and their faithful color reproduction. (Keep in mind that these sometimes have to be shown to fairly unskilled art directors during a shoot.)

I'm trying to stabilize my techniques included choice of materials, so I'm interested in all input.

Please, no holds barred. I've got my own opinions, but I want to hear from others before I declare them so I don't pollute anyone else's thinking.



25-Sep-2007, 22:40
hello tim ,

pola is going to stop his productions in the middle of 2008,
so make a big stock if you prefer pola

william linne
25-Sep-2007, 22:41
hello tim ,

pola is going to stop his productions in the middle of 2008,
so make a big stock if you prefer pola

Errr....That's a false statement.

Ted Harris
26-Sep-2007, 05:54
Some of the Polaroid color pack film is actually made by Fuji. I don't use it anymore so don't remember which flavor.

Gordon Moat
26-Sep-2007, 11:05
I use a Polaroid 405 holder most of the time, though recently got a Polaroid 550 holder. So my choices in instant films are Polaroid 669 and 690, and Fuji FP100C (also FP100C45 for the 550 holder). To compare all these, the 669 is slightly muted and low contrast, the 690 higher contrast and more saturated, and the FP100C somewhat between those.

I find the FP100C to render whites a little cleaner, though reds, yellows, and deeper blue tones are somewhat off. When I am shooting Kodak E100VS, then Polaroid 690 is the closest saturated proofing film. If you want to hand an AD a punchy proof, then use Polaroid 690.

The downside of the smaller pack films is the crop from what you will shoot in 4x5. While the 550 holder allows a closer to 4x5 proof, the only films currently available are made by Fuji, and not at all cheap. I like using FP100C45, though I wish Polaroid made a version of 690 for the 550 holder.

Your other option to expand choices is the 545 holder, and shooting individual Polaroids. This gets the 4x5 area closer. Unfortunately, Fuji do not make any instant films for this holder system. My preference is for the pack film holder systems, because 10 shots takes up very little room in the bag.


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Gene McCluney
29-Sep-2007, 17:29
If you are wanting "accurate" color, you will need to expose and color correct with filters over the lens just for the Polaroid film. If you are just using it for testing exposure and framing, etc., then inaccurate, but pleasing color shouldn't matter. No "instant" film has color that is as accurate as color negative and transparency film.