View Full Version : What kind of lens for copying photos

Steve Roche
24-Jul-2000, 08:23
I plan on copying some old family photos. I have a 4x5 speed graphic with a Koda k Ektar 127mm lens. Will this be an adequate lens for this job? Any thoughts on the type of film to use? Most of the prints are sepia, and a couple are hand col ored. Thanks,


Doug Paramore
24-Jul-2000, 10:28
Steve: The Graphic and 127 should do the job fine. T-Max 100 is a good copy film. You may want to use filters to copy the sepia toned and hand painted photos to get good contrast in your copy negs. I would experiment with light yellow and orange filters. Make sure the camera is straight on to the photo and using 45 degree lighting from each side. You will have better luck removing any framed photos from the frame to avoid glare from the glass. If you have a roll film back for the Graphic, I would use 120 film unless you only have a few to copy. Hope this helps,