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25-Sep-2007, 13:20
I recently got a new lens in an Ilex no. 5 universal shutter for my 8x10. It is a nice sharp lens, but having recently timed the shutter speeds I found that they are all quite off, with the fastest shutter speed being only 1/11th (instead of 1/50th). Does anyone know where I can either find another Ilex no. 5 in better condition (besides ebay) or know what type of shutters would work in the same size category? The lens is a 300mm Schneider Xenar that is about 8cm across. Having a nice shutter would really make this setup more useful for what I am doing. I took the shutter to a good camera repair shop here in Denver but he said you can't really adjust the speeds on these old Ilex shutters, only tweak them so they are more consistent. Any thoughts/suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks

Evan B

C. D. Keth
25-Sep-2007, 13:30
I bet one of the shops that specializes in old LF gear could gte it up and running. Try SK Grimes or Carol Flutot. I have heard good things about both.

John Kasaian
25-Sep-2007, 13:41
I'll "second" Carol at Floutot's for a cla.

25-Sep-2007, 21:37
Add me as another vote for Carol Miller at www.Flutotscamerarepair.com.

She reworked an Ilex #3 for me that also had shutter drag and it performs beautifully.

The speeds may not be at their "advertised" mark, but she sends you a chart with the exact speeds listed beside their target speed markings.

Total charge was only $50.


C. D. Keth
25-Sep-2007, 21:46
I'll "second" Carol at Floutot's for a cla.

Oh, my mistake. I thought her name was Carol Flutot.:o Anyway, I've heard good things even though I've never had anything done.

Kirk Fry
25-Sep-2007, 23:52
Carol has taken and fixed a couple of my Ilex #5's. They were basically solidified chunks of metal when I sent them to her. Now they work like new. Any Ilex #5 probably never worked at 1/50 th of sec. Mine are more like 1/25. Carol will calibrate them for you and send back a sheet with the real speeds. They are much closer at the slow speeds. You need a long throw cable release to fire these babies, they self cocking monsters (press type release). If yours is consistent I would not worry too much since you know the real speeds. Good luck K

Jan Pedersen
26-Sep-2007, 06:13
Another vote for Carol. As Kirk is saying you would be real lucky if you can get a 1/50 on #5 Ilex. If fast shutter speed is important for your work you may want to get your cells mounted in a # 5 Compound, they seems to do a little better on the faster shutter speeds but this shutter is even bigger than the Ilex.

26-Sep-2007, 07:28
I thought her name was Carol Flutot=== It was before she got married[LOL]