View Full Version : I need feedback/comments regarding Wista 8x10 field camera

Scott A. Wells
24-Jul-1998, 17:28
Anyone out there with experience using the Wista 8X10 field cameras ?I'm interes ted in buying this camera but would greatly appreciate any comments concerning t his cameras operational stability as well as its functionality. Please compare i t to other equipment such as the Deardorff.(of which I'm familiar).

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
17-Sep-1998, 22:36
You can write or call Fields & Views @ P.O. Box 132 Old Chatham, NY 12136-0132 (212) 779-1471 and they can send you a circular. When I traded up to 8 X 10 the y sent me info. That was around February '97 or so and at that time they wanted 2500.00 (+/-) for one. Quality and durability seemed good but the front tilt ( 40 degrees forward & 30 deg back) - based on the photo, seem to be a BASE TILT O NLY design, an evolutionary step backward seems to me. THe specs on the circula r are as follows. 90mm to 550 mm extension FRONT: rise 70mm up 50 mm dwn, 17 degrees swing BACK: 35 degrees swing (ea. way ) 45 degrees tilt (fore & aft) and a weight of 4.5 kilos (9.9 lbs) The rear focu ses forward but has no rearward extension as a Deardorff would and the front foc uses forward only (ala Deardorff). They take their own wooden lensboard and als o apparently SINARs as well. I haven't seen or used one. Deardorffs are plenti ful and easy to get worked on, there are lots of used or new lensboards all over , often with lenses mounted in 'em. I'm not saying Wista is bad, but which is e asier to get worked on, a Peugeot (sp?) or a Ford? I know this doesn't answer y our question directly but I hope it helps.