View Full Version : do I need to drop the bed when using 75mm on Toyo 45Aii?

chin-fan so
20-Oct-2000, 00:18
I own a Toyo 45Aii, a schneider APO symmar 120 & 210mm, just want to get a wider lens like 75mm. But I am not sure if this lens will be in the way, cause me to drop the bed to avoid it?

If so, I may consider the new Super symmar 80mm, just don't know how long do I h ave to wait, anyone know that?

Thank you very much. Chin.

Doug Paramore
20-Oct-2000, 09:41
Chin: It is necessary to drop the bed or raise the lens with a lens of 90mm, so I am sure you will have to with the shorter lenses. With a monorail, you can just move everything to the front of the rail. It really isn't a problem. Just drop the bed, raise the lens back to center an tilt the lens back to verticle. It takes longer to tell it than to do it.


Jean-Marie Solichon
20-Oct-2000, 11:03
Oh No! you do not need to drop the bed of a Toyo 45 AII and a 90mm! Actually, it is even possible to use some fall in portrait orientation. But YES droping the bed is not a problem at all and should'nt be a concern to inhibit you to get a 75mm lens or wider.

John Wiemer
20-Oct-2000, 16:28
I have used the Toyo AII with both a 75mm and 90mm lens without ever having to drop the bed to avoid vignetting. About the only time I've felt a need to drop the bed is when using the longer LEE ND Filters.

John H. Henderson
24-Oct-2000, 10:15
I second (or third or fourth) that no drop is needed for a 90mm, but I don't have a 75mm. My bigger concern with a 75mm would be bellows movement. The bellows balks big time with the 90mm when I try to get a lot of rise.

I wish Toyo had put levels on the standards. When I do drop or rise the bed and want the standards vertical, I'm just guessing. I might have to add some someday.

Les Moore
24-Oct-2000, 10:18
I have used a Toyo AX with both 90 and 75mm for a few years now. I have never had to use drop bed with the 90, even when using front fall and tilt. The 75 may require drop bed, especially in a vertical composition, but not all of the time.

Dave Aharonian
2-Nov-2000, 15:37
I'm using a Toyo 45AX and a Nikon 75mm. I've never had to drop the bed in eithe r horizontal or vertical positions, even with my Lee filters in place.